ACE Tots 0yrs - 5yrs
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Hear that sound, Create your song, Feel the Rhythm, Sing along.

Within music therapy sessions we work with a variety of musicians, catering to all of our members varying tastes and abilities. Our therapists all come with bundles of experience and can provide both relaxing or upbeat, high energy, interactive sessions. All sessions, student lead, create the perfect atmosphere. Music isn't for everyone, but hopefully after these sessions, it will be

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Think Clubbercise for kids!

ACE Baby Ravers - Think clubbercise for kids!!
Glow sticks at the ready for this up tempo, dance and disco session with our instructor Michelle. Learn fun dance moves, to well known dance tunes in the dark.
Disco lights will encourage the party vibes at these high energy sessions.

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These kids are totally Tot Tastic!

ACE Tot-Tastic, these sessions are the perfect way to meet friends, have fun, whilst learning an introduction to sign assisted language.

We sit as a group and invite everyone to take from the session what they wish. Chat whilst the children play, allow Leah to entertain you all with sing and sign activities.


TAGFEST, A fully inclusive music festival that brings people of all ages and abilities together to perform and enjoy LIVE music