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We act, we play, we learn, we create.

These sessions are all about getting creative! Members are encouraged to follow direction, they will also be given the opportunity to create with other people in the group. Ultimately these lessons are all about having fun, whilst learning the basics on how to put on a performance.

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These sessions are aimed at our older groups. They are the perfect opportunity to build friendships, confidence, whilst learning popular songs both verbally and in sign.

We sing, we sign, we have a good time.

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'We must learn each part, to perfect our art'

These sessions are new to ACE Knights Event Management. These sessions provide a setting in which our members have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about 'behind the scenes' Script writing, photography, set design, lighting, sound, costumes, hair, creative make up, special effects! You will get the chance to work with experts in each field.

Great for confidence, for those who wish to create alone. For those who wish to watch on from their own space. Production provides something for everyone, and most importantly provides a safe, enjoyable environment on which to do so.

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Hear that sound, Create your song, Feel the Rhythm, Sing along.

Within music therapy sessions we work with a variety of musicians, catering to all of our members varying tastes and abilities. Our therapists all come with bundles of experience and can provide both relaxing or upbeat, high energy, interactive sessions. All sessions, student lead, create the perfect atmosphere. Music isn't for everyone, but hopefully after these sessions, it will be

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Together with our qualified sports instructors, adults can enjoy a range of athletic activity. Basketball, tennis, yoga, gymnastics and much more. These sessions will be great for fitness and lots of fun!

You'll have a sporting time!

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Creating the social scene for disabled adults aged 18+

A non profit organisation who run monthly themed discos. These events are exclusively for our 19yrs+ group and are held in Grays, Thurrock. Each month there is a different theme a professional DJ, raffles, tuck shop and everyone has an ACE Time!


Company number 11183445

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Ace access days run from 10-2pm weekdays

ACE Access days are designed to be 'day care with a difference'.

One hour based in a sensory room setting. Taking part in a musical theatre session, exploring different genres of music, encouraging singing and sign assisted language. All whilst enjoying the low lighting and relaxation provided by the setting. Once music therapy is finished we make the most of the great outdoors, exploring what nature has to offer. Hiking, bug hunting, pond dipping, exercise in the fresh air together as a group.

Lunch will be at various locations. Whether it be within a local cafe, fish bar by the sea or a picnic in a local park. To finish the day we learn. We will be taking part in work experience placements up and down Essex. We will join teams in kitchens, on farms, and really embrace each experience together.

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Designed for people with disabilities in Essex

Camp Rock

This is day full of high energy, fun filled 'music and movement' activities. We have full access to a lighting and sound desk for the opportunity to invite acts to perform and entertain our member.


TAGFEST, A fully inclusive music festival that brings people of all ages and abilities together to perform and enjoy LIVE music


I have devised an activity plan structure that I am working on with each individual member who joins The HOPE Program. On these activity plans we work in three stages: Explore Plan Connect Some adults I know will ease back into social activities with no concerns.

They will skip straight to 'connect' as soon as events are back up and running. Some adults will have an idea of what they wish to attend, however, they might feel anxious, or unsure, therefore they will be at the 'plan' stage. How can we help then to access their chosen activities with confidence, do they need support at first to give them the best chance. Some adults will need to 'explore'.


These adults may be wondering how they will ever live how they once did, they might have changed their interests or they may need to rediscover them altogether, this isn't a problem, we can take everything back to basics and build one hour/day/week at a time I have several activity providers who are happy to come to carehomes/accommodation to 'Explore', these guys are willing to invite you to 1:1 sessions, group sessions, however best suits each individual.


At the moment, I am trying to offer these services to as many people as I can. I know people need the support, I am keen to give it, we just need to get the ball rolling, and once we do, we will see some great results, I have no doubt. The HOPE Program is ongoing support. It doesn't end once the activity plan is in place and the lockdown ends. I will support and advise care providers down the line for as long as they need me to.

I will be running an online zoom on this end of May once restrictions ease further


Let's keep going!

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