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ACE Knights Event Management ltd is a new social enterprise who proudly create the social scene for people with disabilities in Thurrock and throughout Essex. Using theatre based therapies to help with confidence, encourage social interaction and to nurture creativity within our members.


In May 2015 Leah Knight started The ACE Group (TAG) in Thurrock. A non-profit organisation creating the social scene for disabled adults 18yrs+ All run by a dedicated team of Leah's friends who volunteer. In the photo above is Thomas, Thomas is 28 years old now, one of The ACE Group 18yrs+ members. In 2015, when Thomas had transitioned between 'children's services' to 'adults services', there wasn't any local activities that were either stimulating or age appropriate. Tom likes to listen to music, watch people having fun, & make people jump! Tom likes to socialise and choose his own events to attend. Tom is the younger brother of Leah Knight and also her reason for launching this social enterprise. In the hope that TAG members across all age groups have a social calendar they deserve.

ACE Knights Event Management Ltd are proudly hosting the following events in Thurrock and surrounding areas

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Is a fully inclusive music festival that brings people of all ages and abilities together to perform and enjoy LIVE music.

Camp Rock

This is a weekend full of high energy, fun filled 'music and movement' activities. We have full access to a lighting and sound desk for the opportunity to invite acts to perform and entertain our member.

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ACE Access days
This program is designed to provide ACE members aged 18+ with a quality of life that they deserve. Every five weeks activities will be reviewed to ensure nobody ever has the chance to get bored. We are very keen to support access to an outstanding social life as much as we are keen to support access to learning new skills, this program is devised with both these factors in mind. ACE Access promotes independence. ACE Access gives a reason to get up, get dressed and get out of the house which is so important for mental wellbeing. And most importantly, ACE Access provides just that, access to a life ACE members thoroughly deserve.

Payment for ACE Access days must be paid 5 weeks in advance , without payment ACE members unfortunately will not be able to attend.

All events are subject to change at the discretion of ACE Advocates on the day to benefit the group